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Thursday, March 19, 2015
General Update
Brother's & CoWorkers

Our lodge is having a wonderful dinner this Friday $12.00 a person, DJ Mike will there, so come and sing and dance, Roast beef - Chicken - Fish - Choice of 2, Photo Booth, Raffle, and lot more is being planned for this great night, Hope to see everyone this friday

Midyear at Lodge 21
Lodge 21 will host the Colorado Moose Association Midyear Conference. Moose members throughout the state will meet in our Lodge on March 10-13. The Lodge has not sponsored such an event since the lodge has been at this address. Let’s get together and show that we have some of best times here at Denver 21. We are going to show the state how to have fun and enjoy our Lodge as we do.

Moose Convention
St. Louis, Missouri is June 30 to July 5
Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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I would like to remind everyone of the upcoming Mid-Year Conference being held at Denver Lodge 21 on March 10th thru 13th, Early registration goes through February 15th. February 16th and after the cost will be $ 5.00 higher for both registration and banquet meal. Please do not forget to include your menu choice on the registration form. Look forward to seeing everyone there

Thank You to all members, officers & volunteers for all that you do to make this lodge successful. This newsletter, Mail Chimp & Facebook are great ways to find out what is happening at your lodge.

Our Lodge is always in need of Volunteers are in demand. Fraternalism, survives on helping each other.
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