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Saturday, November 22, 2014
Thanksgiving Day - Lodge Opening Late
We will be opening the Lodge at 4pm on Thanksgiving Day for those who would like to come in and enjoy a drink with a few friends. We will then open Friday for Black Friday Breakfast at 9am and please note there will be no Friday Dinner. The Texas Hold'Em Poker Tournament that was scheduled for Thursday will be moved to Friday Night. Also we will be having our second round of our karaoke contest! We hope you have a safe holiday!
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Administrator's Message
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Another month has come and gone. Another fun time was had by all who went to Black Hawk on the bus trip. Maybe one day we will all come home rich! Do you think we go to Black Hawk enough, or should we go every other month? If you would like to go more often, please let me know. Just remember we need forty people to keep our rate at $15. The Survivor's dinner for the American Cancer Society had to be cancelled due to lack of participation, on that note we will have sign-up sheets at the bar for all events. If no one wants to sign-up we will cancel at least a week before so the lodge does not have to purchase food or anything else for that event. To Denise and Judi, get well, as we need your smiling faces in the lodge.
The kids Halloween party had a very nice turn-out. Thanks to all who attended and helped. The W.O.T.M. did another great job, Thank You. Let’s hope the adult party has as much participation. As some of you may have heard the lodge is looking for an Administrator. If you think you have what it takes please bring in your resume. Any officer (if you can find one), will be happy to take your information.
The first week of November is member retention week, so look for a lot of happenings around the lodge. A double Texas Hold’em tournament was held here and at the Greeley lodge. Very happy to report that of the six winners, four were from our lodge. Way to go poker players! The winners received their entry fee and four nights at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. The deadline for entering is December 8th, so if you’re thinking about going time is running out.
Please have a safe and happy holiday, Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks again to all; I hope to see you around the Lodge!

Until Next Month,
Dave Potvin
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