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Thursday, March 19, 2015
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Our Lodge is always in need of Volunteers

Fellowship Dinner November is the month that the Fellowship Degree of Honor is recognized. The Moose Legion is the Degree of Service and Leadership in the Loyal Order of Moose. As a man continues in the Loyal Order of Moose, he may be eligible for this honor. Strict guidelines must be adhered before he is eligible including a minimum of five years of service in the Moose Legion and selected by the other Fellows in the home Lodge. The state of Colorado will be hosting a Fellowship Dinner honoring all Fellows in the state of Colorado on November 21, 2015 at Denver 21 4688 W ALAMEDA AVE DENVER, CO 80219. All members are welcome to attend this function. We will be serving prime rib as an entree. Come to the Lodge and support our members who have been selected for this honor.

Midyear at Lodge 21
Lodge 21 will host the Colorado Moose Association Midyear Conference. Moose members throughout the state will meet in our Lodge on March 10-13. The Lodge has not sponsored such an event since the lodge has been at this address. Let’s get together and show that we have some of best times here at Denver 21. We are going to show the state how to have fun and enjoy our Lodge as we do.

PAP (Purity Aid and Progress)
A part of our foundation is the guide for the Moose, PAP. Let us examine the meaning of our foundation. The initials stand for Purity Aid and Progress
Purity refers to each member’s personal code of ethics. Do you believe in a Supreme Being? Are you guided by the highest ideals in your life? Are your actions pure in nature or are they overcome by personal wants needs and desires?
Aid refers to how we interact with others. Aid is giving unselfishly to the betterment of society, community, and the Lodge. When asked for help we should be willing to help. On a higher level why wait? Offer your assistance whenever possible.
Progress is more the action of the group. While we have traditions in the Moose, we also adjust to the times. For example, Mooseheart was developed as the organization’s support of families. When a man died in the early part of the last century, his wife and children were thrown into automatic poverty. Mooseheart was developed for a place for the children to get and education and vocational skill. The women were given a job at Mooseheart caring for all children and help on the farm of Mooseheart. Today this program wouldn’t work. The farm is gone and few women would be willing to work on a farm. This requires us to develop a vision of the future and work toward the future while respecting traditions of the Loyal Order of Moose
Yes, PAP is a tradition- a cornerstone of the Moose and our Lodge.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Our Lodge is always in need of Volunteers: Bartenders, are in demand. Fraternalism, survives on helping each other. Please Help contact the Office!
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